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– My roles: Course designer + Trainer –


Web content managers in the Digital Content Division (DCD) at HHS lacked HTML and CSS skills.

This made them dependent on a contractor-based team for even the most basic updates to HHS owned websites.

This slowed response time for internal customers creating a reputation that the division was unresponsive.


I proposed a plan to DCD’s Director: I would create and deliver basic HTML and CSS training tailored to tasks content managers faced daily.

I examined HHS’s content management system (CMS) looking for tools to structure documents and apply styles.

I interviewed content managers to learn:

  • what caused them the most difficulties when interacting with the system
  • how often they needed to trouble shoot documents created by their internal clients


I created two sets of introductory training materials (pdf):

  1. basics of HTML
  2. basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how CSS relates to HTML

I also created homework assignments – structure a page and style that page using CSS – designed to inject some humor while getting them to practice their new skills on a low-pressure task.

I trained 18 people in the Digital Content Division.


Content managers used their new HTML and CSS skills to make basic updates.

They also corrected minor errors in content submitted for publishing by internal clients.

This freed the contractor-based ticketing team to work on more complex issues like site security updates.

Enabling content managers with these new skills cut DCD’s response time for basic content changes by more than 50% increasing internal customer satisfaction and trust.