I’m so fortunate to work with Anne Dougherty every day at Northwestern Mutual. Anne leads with empathy and openly shares her knowledge – ensuring our Design System team is effective in our storytelling and communications

Jody Thomas, Sr. Director, Platforms, Design Systems, and Accessibility, Northwestern Mutual

Anne has an outstanding ability to break through barriers on her work for the Blueprint Design System, even when it involves going above and beyond her normal boundaries of responsibilities.

Never shy from learning something new to contribute to the team and to the larger goal, she has been crucial in providing stability and continued momentum in troubled and tough times.

Chris Gray, Product Owner, Blueprint Design System, Fannie Mae

Your evolution of the learning approach has been a great improvement to introduction of Blueprint, Fannie Mae’s design system.

The recent webinar, was a great example of enabling product teams to build and design quicker, and to deliver on Fannie Mae investment it he design system.

Helping our developers and product owners explore what design systems are and their benefits in such large numbers is fantastic. Being able to arm them with a foundational understanding of design systems and how to use Fannie Mae’s design system, in their everyday work will advance our efficiency. Thank you.

Faz Besharatian, Design Director, Fannie Mae

Thank you for your initiative and fearless leadership driving Inclusive Writing at Fannie Mae.

Your work was presented at the Digital Products leadership team with a call to action for all of Digital Products to incorporate your guidance on inclusive writing into their daily work.

This will drive a more inclusive culture across all of Digital Products and Fannie Mae.

Cindy McKissock, Vice President Design & Experience, Fannie Mae

Outstanding Leadership of the Content CoP! Anne, your expertise and dedication to championing content is truly inspiring. Thank you for all you do.

Jen Sessums, Director Visual Design, Customer Experience Design, Fannie Mae

It was vital that we have our site up before our soft opening and we were running out of time to get the content done. Anne’s calm, focused approach helped me clarify the tone I wanted for the site and how I wanted to promote the Inn.

Her attention to detail and process reassured me we could get the work done on time. She delivered exactly what I needed, when I needed it, while managing another writer to make sure the content was consistent from section to section. Her work enabled us to have our event as planned and set the mood for the Inn.

Aimee Lawrence, Executive Director, St. Clair Inn

Anne was always available to help when we had problems, make suggestions when we were stuck creatively, and assist us in making sure that we stuck to our bottom line.

Erica Noyes, Sr. Senior Development & Communication Associate, Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled

Thank you Anne Dougherty for providing an engaging and well-conceived training on Digital Writing.

Writing for the web can often be an under-developed skill and your training provided many techniques the team can use immediately.

Shweta Amin, Sr. Design Strategy Manager, Fannie Mae

Thank you both for your extensive knowledge and sharing your expertise. You were both amazingly flexible on such short notice and your willingness and insights were greatly appreciated.

Cassie Shumway, UX/UI Designer, Fannie Mae

Anne, thank you so much for lending your content expertise to the HBE evaluation team! You’ve supported our work in many ways so far: contributing content heuristics to the initial creation of our evaluation tool, helping us edit drafts of the evaluation tool, explaining the content standards to the core team and all the evaluators, teaching us more about the Readable tool, and more.

Special thanks for your flexibility and willingness to jump in to our training at the last minute!

Allison Huang, Sr. Design Strategist, Fannie Mae