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– My roles: Content strategist, IA, and Front-end WordPress Developer –


When the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) decided to oppose Ken Cuccinelli’s 2013 bid to become governor of Virginia, they came to Rad Campaign with a timeline of three weeks to launch a site.

That included all discovery, IA, design, content generation, and development work.


The team at Rad Campaign agreed the best solution would be to modify an existing WordPress theme in tandem with PPAF’s staff creating content for the site.

I helped surface PPAF’s desire to:

  • highlight active traditional and social media campaigns
  • keep content available on the homepage regardless of type

I determined the IA needed a small number of top level items to hold depth of content in each category. 

The navigation also needed to include a single page fact sheet and a donation button.


Ultimate deliverables included:

  • WordPress templates customized to the desired layout
  • custom Content Types
  • custom CSS to align the look and feel with PPAF’s needs
  • additional image styles
  • plugin installation


PPAF helped defeat Ken Cuccinelli’s bid to be Governor of Virginia in 2013.

KeepKenOut.org launched in February 2013. PPAF redirected the domain to their Women Are Watching site in December 2014.